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We at Digify Biz have strive to help dominate this digital space, provide the best services and improve the total aura of the virtual world. With so many new users connecting to the web as we speak, it’s inevitable that we shall analyse and tweak the way we do business for the world is changing at an alarming rate.

Digify Biz takes pride in pioneering this digital journey in Malawi and we strive to do the same in the upcoming generations. With everyone in our team being passionate about technology to the core bone, it becomes a part of our live to innovate and utilize this path as much as we can for our needs.

At the end of the day, we want to develop this digital platform as a whole and watch our clients prosper on this digital land and thrive off of it.

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Ted Mhango - Team Member Digify Biz

Ted Mhango

CEO and Founder
Experienced Digital Marketer and Passionate Entrepreneur. Bringing in the change and innovation where needed.
Rabison Kondowe - Team Member Digify Biz

Rabison Kondowe

Editor and Blogger
Highly Experienced journalist and writer. Bringing life to words, and helping people have a delightful time reading.
Atusaye Nyirenda - Team Member Digify Biz

Atusaye Kamanga

Lead Designer
Highly competent and skilled designer. Creating visuals that pleases the eye, touches the heart, and converts.
Swarna Kanti - Team Member Digify Biz

Swarna Kanti

Lead Developer
Young developer and technical geek. Connecting visuals to the machinery, making things work the way they should.

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Smart Growth

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Customer Satisfaction

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Continuous Innovation

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Premium Service


We do not treat our clients as business, we treat them as family. Once connected we grow as a group. Let’s bring our hands closer and do this together!

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