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If you’re not using Email Marketing, you’re missing out.

Email is one of the primary platforms of communication, people use it day in and day out, millions of emails are being sent all over the world as we speak.

With huge numbers comes huge opportunity. And we are all about seizing them.

So why email marketing?

Simply put, users have the highest responding rate for emails than any other type of communication/advertisement media.

When something lands in their inbox, it’s convenient for them to just click open as they are habituated to do so, then they read through and if the email is interesting enough, they click through to your website (or anywhere the CTA is associated with).

 And as your emails directly land I their inbox, it becomes kind of personal, and one can always personalize their emails to better suite their customers.

Users doesn’t like to miss out and they love it when they receive a personalized email wishing them a happy birthday or giving them a coupon/ loyalty reward, it makes them feel special.

Leads can be generated by providing an incentive on the website like a free webinar, or PDF guide specially addressing something they would like or want at that moment.

One can use the email medium in order to nurture prospects into becoming a lifelong customer, with educating and entertaining emails distributed at the right time, it can work wonders.

Though Email Marketing can be a great medium for promoting your business, it can sometimes be a hassle. Spam reports and bounces are common, even getting into the primary inbox is tough nowadays as the users are being bombarded with business emails every second.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to properly manage and run email campaigns, and also let’s be honest here who has all the time in the world to create excellent creatives for emails every day.

That’s where Digify biz comes into the picture, our professionals hold high skills and precision regarding writing emails and managing campaigns so that your emails land directly into their inbox and the rewards remain high!

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Email has been one of the major platforms used by businesses to make their customer convert, with Digify biz you can do just that and even more! Let’s do this. Premium service starting from just $500.

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