Top 8 Upcoming Young Malawian Digital Marketeers In 2020

Top 8 Upcoming Young Malawian Digital Marketeers In 2020


Top 8 Upcoming Young Malawian Digital Marketers in 2020

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing and lucrative new age professions in the world. One would venture into the digital marketing discipline and make more money compared to traditional marketing. With many African countries orientated towards a digital transformation, the digital marketing discipline is expanding exponentially. In African, the ease of internet connectivity and the changing buying trends in Africa is also fueling the rise of digital marketing. African customers  buying behaviors are now changing from traditional buying behavior into e commerce which is creating a lot of opportunities in the digital marketing arena. The different changes has made Africa not to be left behind as young entrepreneurs are fast getting a grip of offering the rare digital marketing services. Malawi is one of those African countries that have seen a rise in the digital marketing  discipline.Start-ups digital marketing agencies have been launched in the recent years, all fighting and striving to offer the best digital marketing services to the customers.

The following are the 8 young upcoming digital marketers in Malawi who are managing vibrant digital marketing start-ups,

1 Rabson Chipelesa

Rabson Chipelesa Young Digital Marketer in Malawi

Rabson is a co-founder of digitalmarketingmalawi which is one of the top digital marketing agencies is Malawi founded in 2018.The agency provides digital marketing solutions to different Malawian organisations. Rabson is an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.The digital marketing wizard is skilled in SEO, Analytics and Reporting, WordPress development, Google Ads, and Social Media.

2 Carol Mughogho

carol mughogho top young digital marketer in malawi

The name Carol is that of a female talented digital marketer highly experienced in the field of digital marketing. Carol is the co-founder of kutowastore a fast growing e commerce site focusing on selling cosmetics and designer clothes to the Malawian market. The e commerce site has just been launched this year 2020 and it’s the fastest growing e commerce site in the cosmetic and designer clothes niche. The young co-founder also works as a freelancer and helps brands, as well as social media influencers plan their digital marketing activities, digital content strategy, Search Engine Optimization, UX & UI design and digital copy writing.

3 Ted Mhango

ted mhango genius digital marketer in Malawi


Ted Is a top digital  marketer, passionate and certified digital marketer by Asia’s top digital marketing school Digitalvidya and the government of India under Vskills initiative. Mhango Is a co-founder of a pioneer Malawian digital marketing agency Digifybiz launched in 2019.The agency is in strategic partnership with manterads of India. The agency provides digital marketing solutions in areas of SEO,Google ads,Email Marketing,Inbound Marketing,Social Media Marketing and Google analytics. The agency is in partnership with Malawian corporates in training their employees in the field of digital marketing,Artificial Intelligence and data analytics.

4 Christian Jiah

Christian Jiah young digital marketer in Malawi

Christian Is a young digital marketer and IT geek. He is a founder of Digimax a firm that specialises in providing ICT securities to different corporates in Malawi.He is involved with one of the top e commerce sites in Malawi .Clicksavemalawi is being dubbed as the Amazon of Malawi.The 27-year-old entrepreneur Christian Jiah is trying to revolutionize the way of selling and buying in Malawi through his innovative e-commerce site “Click Save”. Click Save gives retailers and business owners in Malawi a golden chance to sell and promote their products while also giving Malawian shoppers an exciting way to shop for their favourite products online.

5 Chifuniro Kandaya

Chifuniro Kandaya digital marketer in Malawi

Chifuniro Is a techpreneur, passionate Digital marketer and one of the innovative young  Entrepreneur in the country. The lad has helped in pioneering the discipline of digital marketing in Malawi.He was part of the team that organised the first ever digital marketing conference in Malawi by partnering with California’s based The Marketing Minds .Chifuniro is the founder of Charis invest and Consult which is an organisation that does provide business development services for companies in Malawi.

6 Hardley Barach Disman

Hadley Barach Digital Marketer in Malawi
Hardley is the co founder of promotionmalawi which is another Malawian start-up eCommerce site that is expanding at a light speed as a lot of customer’s are selling and buying different products on the platform. Hardley is very experienced and creative web designer, builds WordPress themes and plugins, coding PHP, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, jQuery, Ajax and Javascript from scratch. The tech genius is also a freelancer Web designer and developer, copywriter, SEO , SMM and Inbound marketer.


7 Mphatso Mtambo
mphatso mtambo digital marketer in malawi
Mphatso Is a co-founder of digitalmarkeitngmalawi he is a well qualified digital marketer an excellent team builder and player with 15+ years of experience in Information and Communication Technologies.He has been heading various ICT sections in media, energy and mining industries.Mphatso is one of the top digital marketers in Malawi Having a unique combination of Digital Marketing, IT, Telecommunications and Electronics skills.The digital marketing guru has a deep understanding of current ICT technologies including Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Enterprise Resource Planning, desktop/mobile computing, VSAT, Digital TV Transmission and Distribution.Mphatso has experience in leading ICT projects starting from conceptualization up to commissioning and end-user support stages while exercising prudence in management of CAPEX/OPEX budgets.

8 Patricia Mtungila

Our last digital marketer is Patricia who is the founder of Purple Innovation for women and girls. Purple Innovation for Girls is a social enterprise platform that connects women to entrepreneurship capacity building and markets. The NGO assist girls to come up with innovative for their products and services as well as empowering girls with skills to stay in school. Patricia is experienced communicator and an ICT4D advocate dedicated to the empowering women and girls to uplift themselves from poverty through a digital transformation. I am skilled in technological innovation and ICT4D, Customer, Strategic Planning, and Public Speaking. Strong media and communication professional with a Masters focused in Organisational Psychology from UNICAF and a 2019 Internet Society Community Network Fellow.

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