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Search Engine Marketing

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Google Ads PPC/SEM

Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing

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Inbound Strategies

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WordPress And Blogging


Get Certified By Google

Certification White - Digital Marketing Agency In Malawi

And Stand Out from the Crowd.

Primary Certifications we cover are:

  • Google Ads Search 
  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound Certification
  • Microsoft Bing Ads Certification

And Much More…

And also get our Premium Certificate!

Digify Biz - Sample Certificate

Benefits of Learning This Exponent Skill

Unlock A Beautiful World

After learning this skill set, you’ll be amazed to know how much opportunities you’re open to now. From Content writing to Blogging. You’ll have all sorts of option. You can even use this skill set to promote your own business and trust me the rewards are great if one is to put the required time and effort.

You’ll understand how the online world works and how business thrive off of it. You’ll also be able to train and teach other people the same and make them look the world the same way as you do! It’s a whole package, we know.

Unlock New Potential - Digital Marketing Agency in Malawi

Become Highly Employable

With a skill set so high in demand (look at some of the job portals) and less people to supplement it, it becomes a highly potent skill to master. 

Just think, how many companies will not be willing pay a guy who can handle it’s online properties and potentially bring in highly qualified customers for the same. I don’t think so any one wouldn’t. In fact, Someone has to be living in the medieval age in order to not hire such a guy.

We at Digify Biz, ensure that out trainees come out highly skilled and employable.

Restart your Career

Tired of that same 9 to 5 job, with a limit to what you can do? Well, then Digital Marketing is for you. This field as discussed opens a wide variety of opportunities for an individual to handle.

One can go work for a firm or can launch a blog of his/her own and watch customers rolling in. Not to mention the amount of freelancing opportunities that awaits to the one who knows what he/she’s doing. Alright, it might not always be sunshine and rainbows but guess what you will be doing a highly productive work whose possibilities are endless.


Professoinal Trainings - Digital Marketing Agency Malawi

Premium Online Training

Money Cashback - Digital Marketing agency in Malawi

No Commitment

Premium Services - Digital Marketing Agency Malawi

Syllabus that covers each important aspect

Certification - Digital Marketing Agency Malawi

Certified and Experienced Trainers


Get on the train to becoming one of the best digital marketers in the world. Schedule a demo class now and bring the change you want in your career, life and business. Starting from $300 for individual and $4000 for enterprises (T&C applicable*)

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