This Young Entrepreneur is Trying to bring Malawians closer to E-commerce

This Young Entrepreneur is Trying to bring Malawians closer to E-commerce

It’s no secret that E-commerce in Malawi is still in its infancy and thus, the number of online stores in Malawi is very minute, as a result, a lot of people still prefer the traditional way of doing business.

This could probably be because internet penetration in the country is very low, and as of 2018 the country had an internet penetration rate of just 14% of its 18 million population, according to International Telecommunication Union.

The current state of Malawi’s Ecomm space

However, positive trends show that the number of internet users is increasing annually. This is why a 26-year-old entrepreneur Christian Jiah is trying to revolutionize the way of selling and buying in Malawi through his investment in e-commerce with his online retailer “Click Save“. Click Save gives retailers and business owners in Malawi a golden chance to sell and promote their products while also giving Malawian shoppers an exciting way to shop for their favourite products online. Think of it as an ‘Amazon’ in Malawi.

What’s Click Save?

Think of it as an ‘Amazon’ in Malawi.

Click Save has a wide range of products from shoes, clothes, food, beverages, electronics, to furniture and other household items. “I started Click Save with the sole purpose of encouraging people to do business online bearing in mind that times are changing now, people don’t have to travel long distances to get a product they want, they simply just have to look it up on this service and buy, we do the delivery.” Says Jiah “Our vision is to empower Malawians to get the most out of their shopping and lifestyle online.” Adds Jiah.

Let’s learn more about Jiah

According to Jiah, so far the response has been good, both from the sellers and buyers, and he’s hopeful that it will only get better in the future Click save is a service that was created by its parent company Digimax in 2017 (which is also founded by Jiah). Digimax is a company that invests in Software & Tech Innovations and Digital Marketing. Development for Click save began late in 2017 and was officially launched in 2018 on July the 1st. Jiah is a NACIT graduate and has worked for several companies in the country but opted to start working for himself. “I’ve always loved the idea of doing my own thing and having a product or a service that solely belongs to me which people could appreciate and be benefited by,” says Jiah

Meanwhile, Jiah has advised young people in the country not be reliant on getting employed rather they should be entrepreneurs and create jobs for other people. Jiah says “If you have an idea, do it and don’t be afraid to start something, always seek help from people to help you put it in full swing, as no man is an island, it’s this time where we young people need to be productive, this is our time where we have the energy to do things.”

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